Welcome to the Carlisle/Victoria Park Toy Library!

The Toy Library is run entirely by its members and has been servicing our local community since 1989. It ensures that the children of the Town of Victoria Park have access to a range of quality educational toys, games, DVDs, CD ROMs and puzzles, specifically catering for the 0-6 year age group.

Annual Membership

Fees are due and payable as at 1st July each year with all renewing members receiving a early bird discount off their annual membership fee type if paid by the end of July. 

Unless you have paid as a non-duty member (limited number available please email for further information if you are interested), the terms of duty membership are that each member is required to:

  • Attend a roster approximately 4 times per financial year;
  • Attend stocktake; and
  • Attend the AGM

If you have 3 or more children or would like the option of borrowing extra toys for the three week borrowing period, please ask the Membership Co-ordinator about our Family II Membership (6 toys).

Other membership types include casual membership for those wanting short term hire of toys as well as concession rate to current concession card holders.  For further information on our membership types please email us at:

toylibraryenquiry@gmail.com or phone/SMS  0405 791 756

Should you wish to resign your membership at any time, please ensure that all toys are returned to the toy library and the Membership Co-ordinator is notified immediately as per the terms and conditions on the membership form.

Roster Duties

As a member, it will be your responsibility to nominate your preferred roster day each term on either a Wednesday or Saturday (ie. you nominate one roster date within the roster cycle which is either 10 to 12 weeks). A roster sign-up sheet is provided on the cork notice board at the library for you to write down your preferred roster date. If you do not nominate a day, one will be allocated to you by the roster co-ordinator and you will be responsible to arrange a swap should the date not be suitable as set out in our terms and conditions on the membership form.

New members should place their name in the number 2 or 3 position as number 1 position is for experienced members. Once you are an old hand and occupy a number 1 position the roster bag (containing the roster materials) will be delivered to you by the previous roster's number 1 person. As such, you would then arrange to have the roster bag delivered to the person listed in the number 1 position in the roster following yours.

If you cannot attend on your rostered day, please arrange to swap with another person in your position (1,2 or 3) on the roster and advise the roster co-ordinator of the change. If you fail to attend your roster day and have not arranged a replacement swap, a fine will be levied and your borrowing privileges will be suspended.


Family I membership entitles you to borrow any 4 toys for a period of up to 3 weeks (or 6 toys for a Family II Membership).

It is essential that you count the number of pieces for each toy prior to borrowing and ensure that the item is either complete or matches the details in MiBase (alerts to pieces already missing etc). If there are any pieces missing let the duty person know, so that they can update MiBase. If not, you will be held liable for the missing piece upon return of the toy.

Take your toys to the borrowing desk (closest to the front door), quote your member number or surname and toy numbers are then entered into the loans computer (desktop) by those members on roster duty.


When returning the borrowed toys it is the members responsibility to ensure that they are clean and complete. If any damage has been incurred during the borrowing period the member must enter the details of the damage into the Repairs Book (located above the returns desk (laptop) and place the damaged toy in the Repairs area of the library.

It is essential that each toy is re-counted upon return to ensure that no pieces have gone missing during the borrowing period. If there are, please notify the duty person notified in order that the missing piece/s can be noted in MiBase and a fine entered ($5.00 per piece, refundable upon return).

Once the toys have been counted , you are responsible for returning them to the correct shelf for that toy category.

Toy Categories

The toys are separated into categories. Detailed lists of these categories are posted at a number of locations throughout the toy library.

Party Packs

The library offers short term borrowing to cater for times when you may wish to borrow additional toys for a party or event, etc.

Up to an additional 6 toys may be taken out at a cost of $5 per toy. These toys must returned at the very next opening time of the toy library.


The toy library has a system whereby members incur a fine for overdue toys, missing pieces and non-attendance at a roster (including stocktake). This system exists to encourage members to use the toy library properly, ensuring that all members are supported during rosters and toys are made available for borrowing at regular intervals.

Overdue toys incur a fine of $1.00 per week, per toy.

If you lose a piece or pieces from a toy during your loan period a fine of $5.00 per missing piece is levied. If you find the missing piece/s the $5.00 is refunded to you upon return the piece to the library.

Non-attendance at roster (including stocktake) is $20.00.

Overdue party pack toys incur fines of $5.00 per toy, per day overdue.

Damage or Loss

A certain amount of wear and tear is expected but members are responsible for damage or loss. In the event of damage whilst a toy is in your possession you are required to enter the details in the Repairs Book upon return of the toy.

Decisions regarding fines are made at the discretion of the Committee and you will be notified in due course. In the rare case of loss or irreparable damage to the whole toy, a payment of 50% of the cost of the toy shall be paid.


Children are encouraged to come and choose their toys but it is essential that you supervise your children whilst visiting the Toy Library to ensure their safety and prevent toys being removed from their packaging leading to pieces being misplaced.


In the interest of our childrens' health, members are to clean toys and disinfect, where appropriate, before returning them to the Toy Library.

Please keep packaging bags away from children to avoid suffocation.

It is your responsibility to check the suitability of toys for your children. The Toy Library accepts no liability for any injuries sustained whilst using the toys

General Information

  • Computers: The toy library has two computers, a laptop (for returns) and a desktop (for borrowing). Each has specifically designed computer software (MiBase) for the management of the toy library.

    There is a MiBase User Manual located at the returns (orange folder) and borrowing desks (yellow folder) available to those on roster duty. The manuals should provide you with easy to follow instructions for the procedures that must be followed to correctly enter information in the MiBase system. If you would like to have training in the use of MiBase please contact the IT Committee Member to arrange.

  • Newsletter: A newsletter is distributed periodically to inform members of any change in procedures, newly purchased toys, forthcoming events and any other items of interest. The newsletter is distributed by e-mail. However, should you require a hard copy a number are provided at the toy library for your collection.

  • Notice Boards: Please read information put up on the white board and/or cork notice board when you come into the Toy Library.

  • Suggestions/ IT Problems Books: A suggestion book is available for your ideas, comments, complaints and requests for new toy purchases. Entries will be discussed by the Committee at their next meeting.

  • Website: The toy library is in the process of developing its own website. It will include contact details, information on the toys in the library and newsletters.


The committee is made up of members, like yourself, who meet on the second Monday of every second month to discuss the running of the Toy Library. You are more than welcome to attend a meeting, join the committee or help out in any other way you may think useful just contact us using the email address cvptoylibrary@gmail.com should you wish to assist. There is list of current committee members on the cork notice board at the toy library and also in the duty roster folder.

All Committee Members can be emailed on: cvptoylibrary@gmail.com